Malthouse Kitchen

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Malthouse Kitchen

It’s been 118 years since the last bit of big building expansion here at Hook Norton Brewery when Alban Clarke oversaw the construction of our beloved tower brewery so we thought it was about time we did a bit more!  Today, we are working on the next generation of development with the construction of our Malthouse Kitchen. As the name suggests we are creating a kitchen and restaurant over two floors of the original Malthouse building.

Due to open before Christmas, we will serve homemade, locally sourced hot and cold dishes as well as tea, coffee, soft drinks and of course beer! We will be open from 09.00 - 17.00 Monday to Saturday and 10.00 to 16.00 Sunday so if you fancy a quiet catch up over coffee, a lazy lunch or afternoon tea pop in.

Booking onto a brewery tour? You will be able to choose from a selection of dishes to compliment your beer tasting.
Organising a party? We are taking bookings for Christmas parties (we know it’s only August but were not the only ones - Mince Pies spotted in Sainsburys only last week!)

See how we are getting on

  • Shot blasting

    As much as we like white walls, we much prefer getting rid of years of white paint and exposing the original red brick work. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into building the malthouse along with a load of good old fashion craftsmanship so we think it needs to be on show.

    Shot blasting
  • New floor

    It was a real shame but we couldn't keep all of the original floor, it was to far gone. We did manage to save some floorboards and these can be seen in proud of place above the bar at The Angel, Burford - seemed a fitting place to use them don't you think?

    New floor
  • A skip or three

    The rooms had been used for a variety of things over the years so there was quite a bit of rubbish to clear out so no ordinary skip would do! This one was filled and refilled many times. We did find some old and historic items though which am sure we can find a use for .....

    A skip or three
  • Look what we found!

    ....once the dust had settled we came across a couple of pallets of these old wooden beer crates. We think beer should still be delivered this way but don't worry, we didn't skip them, we've got some ideas on how to use these in the bar and restaurant so look out for them.

    Look what we found!
  • Always good to look up

    Once we saw these beams there was no way we could consider putting a false ceiling in so a quick shot blast and timber repair here and there and they are looking as good as the day they went in

    Always good to look up
  • You can't beat brick

    After a few weeks solid blasting we finally made it back to the brick. Certainly worth the effort we think. Time for a quick dust down and that's the walls done, now to find something suitable to hang on them and light them up.

    You can't beat brick
  • Room for one floor?

    So walls coming along, timbers looking good, think we should probably start putting the floor in, always handy things to have in restaurants we think! We're going wood again as a nod to the past.

    Room for one floor?
  • Generation game

    We like to think the brewery builders are looking down (or up!) on us, just quietly keeping an eye on what's going on to make sure everything is done just right. Not that we would, there's no cutting corners here.

    Generation game

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