Filming at the brewery

The world of hook norton brewery

Media and Filming

Hook Norton Brewery has a wide variety of locations available for films, TV documentaries and photo shoots. The brewery’s impressive external architecture is just the start with more original brewing machinery and features inside.

The Brewery

Described as The Addams Family Country Home or Charlie & The Chocolate Factory for adults our Grade 2 listed 5 -floor Tower Brewery was designed by William Bradford of London. The brewing process is spread over 5 floors with each one offering different sights, sounds and smells!


We have converted our original yeast cellar into a private bar, ideal for photo shoots.

Steam Engine

Installed in 1899 it was used to provide the motive power that the brewery needed to produce its beer and it is believed to be the last steam engine in the country that can still be used for its original purpose.

Grist Mill

Supplied in 1899 by Nalder and Nalder of Wantage, this is another example of original machinery which is still used everyday to crush the malt.

Mash Tuns

This is a process at Hook Norton Brewery that has not changed in 100 years. The crushed malt is mixed with hot liquor through a masher which then feeds down into one of the two mash tuns.

Stable block

We still use the original stable block which is home to our working Shire Horses - Nelson, Major, Winston and Lucas. The horses deliver beer to local pubs using a traditional dray.

See us in action

Here's a short film showing the brewery, steam engine, shire horses and of course our beer!

Find out more

If you are interested in filming or photographing at the Brewery please get in touch.

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