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Hook Norton Brewery Shire Horses

There are few better sights than one of Hook Norton’s beautiful shire horses, stamping its feet and snorting on a cold winter’s morning, fully harnessed to pull its loaded dray through local Cotswold villages and country lanes. These wonderful ‘workhorses’ have been an integral part of brewery life since day one and for many, many years, were the reliable backbone of its delivery system. At present the Brewery has four shire horses, Nelson, Major, Winston and Roger. Our shire horses are looked after by long serving drayman, Roger Hughes and Elizabeth Csak.

The sight of two shire horses leaving the brewery is extremely impressive and is a thrilling part of any visitor’s tour. The horses usually make a local delivery on Thursdays and Fridays (weather permitting) and they will be out around Hook Norton on the first Saturday of every month*. If you are planning a visit to the brewery and would like to see the drays on their delivery rounds it is always best to phone ahead and check that the shires will be working on that day. The tour of the brewery includes a tour of the stables and we aim to have the horses in the stables during your visit but this may not be possible due to operational or weather reasons.

Tel: 01608 737210
Email: vc@hooky.co.uk

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