The world of hook norton brewery

167 - fastest consumed beer

10th Stratford-upon-Avon Beer & Cider Festival

It's lovely when we get feedback from the people who matter the most to us - you - the beer drinker - We have one happy brewer in the brewhouse today.

Hello everyone at Hook Norton brewery,

Now that we have completed the festival and held the follow up meeting for all the many members that helped over the weekend I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you, on behalf of Shakespeare CAMRA, for the all the support that you again so kindly provided for this year’s event. It was good to be working so closely with Hook Norton again; the glasses looked fantastic and it was real privilege to be one of the first places that were able to show case the 167 Ale brewed to celebrate your anniversary.

With the second cask we were able to condition the beer over a couple of days which allowed us to put it on sale for the Saturday of the festival. Having read a bit more in the email from Graham about the complexities that you faced in brewing the beer to the strength required our members were left in awe at the skill shown by the brewers in producing this beer.

On first tasting we were very impressed at the smooth, well- rounded taste and fruity aroma of the beer and this was reflected by the way in which it was received by the visitors to the festival. It soon became the fastest selling beer of the seventy three that were available and by early Saturday evening they had emptied the cask.

In our opinion you have produced one of the finest beers ever to come out of the Hook Norton brewery and one which pays due respect to the great tradition of brewing that you have on the Hook Norton site – congratulations to all concerned.


Overall, the festival itself was again a success with over 1500 people visiting the event over the weekend and that as a result beer and cider sales were up overall when compared to previous years. Further to this the other positive news is that the Shakespeare Hospice raised over twelve hundred pounds, without our final contribution from the entrance returns, and we also had nearly forty people sign up at the festival to become CAMRA members for the first in the future.

Therefore please accept our best wishes for agreeing to be involved in such a positive way with the branch as we take a few months off now before considering repeating the event again next year for what will be the eleventh occasion.

Thank you again for your support.

Lloyd Evans
Chairman Shakespeare Branch of CAMRA.
Festival sponsorship co-ordinator.