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167 years of brewing needs a special beer to celebrate

To Strongevity.

167 6.7%

Auburn hues and strong fruity aromas lead into a caramel nutty flavour all finished off with a warming glow in the chest.

Well here we are at last, 167, a beer to celebrate 167 years of brewing here at Hook Norton. Based on our ever popular Old Hooky this incarnation takes it to the next level. I’ll be the first to admit that this beer has caused a few headaches (in more ways than one), let me explain, this is the second brew of 167 as the first didn’t quite turn out as we’d hoped.

At 6.7% this is a mighty brew and although we have gone stronger in Crafty Ales (Yard Arm 7.0% and Light Out 9.5%), we used foreign yeast and additional sugars to get the beer up to strength. 167 uses our house yeast which works very well on our normal strength range, 2.8% to 5.5%, but it does struggle outside those. In the first abortive brew a lot of the yeast died off causing a cloudy haze and some rather unpleasant flavours, not ideal.

To get around this we decided to use a double pitching technique, the first set of yeast was allowed to work the beer to around 3%. We then added some fresh yeast, allowed it to acclimatise itself to the beer, skimmed of the older yeast and voila! 6.7%. Now be warned there is quite a bit of residual yeast and sugar left in the beer so secondary fermentation could get interesting, and it may take a little longer to settle, we recommend at least 48 hours after stillage.

After that though, feel free to enjoy (preferably responsibly and only in halves or less).