The world of hook norton brewery

25 years of brewing

25 years to the day since I started work here. It's been a journey, lots of very happy times, and a few less happy ones as well of course. Worked with some great people, and to try and mention them all would mean I run the danger of missing some out; but there really have been some real stars. I was trying to work out how many pints I have been involved in brewing, but the calculator goes to an error message as the number is large; I reckon over 100 million pints of tasty ale. It is interesting looking at how the beer market has developed, and now has to be the most exciting time. A paradox that I have spent years trying to brew nice clear beers, with no sourness; a greater challenge when we were still using open wort coolers. Now there are some beers on the market brewed to have these characters. Developing new beers has been such fun, starting with Twelve Days in 1991, and over the years adding many new beers, and recreating some old ones.

The pub trade has changed massively, when Sundays were Church, pub and then lunch I think we were happier as a nation. But there are some great pubs out there, serving fantastic beers, and you still can't beat a pint of Hooky with mates.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in this journey, and I look forward to the next 25 years, continuing to enjoy the positive health benefits of moderate beer consumption.



Head Brewer & MD