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Beer and Chocolate wow the ladies

Beer and Chocolate Evening 10th October 2014

What a fabulous combination…hosted by Hook Norton Brewery and Dea Latis.  Chocolate supplied and Hand Made by Scoffs Chocolate, Stephanie Giles.

Dea Latis are  group of women united by their love for beer and a belief that it’s far too good to be enjoyed only by men! (Interestingly, Dea Latis is the Celtic Goddess of beer and water)

Guests were welcomed in the Visitor Centre at Hook Norton Brewery with a guest Belgian Beer, Timmerman’s Krier, which was matched with white chocolate with raspberry oil and frozen raspberries – the combination was amazing, the raspberries really cutting through the flavour of the Cherry Beer, and with both bringing out the best in each other.

The evening was introduced by Annabel Smith from Dea latis and of course Cask Marque. Did you know women’s toilets were not introduced into a pub until the 1930’s!  In the 1970’s lager producers were trying to entice women to drink beer by brewing a lighter, less bitter beer and providing more stylish glassware, however women were having none of that and the word spread that if it wasn’t good enough for the men, why should women drink it!  And the reason why women in general think that they would not enjoy beer?  Well, apparently this dates back to the stone age, when before feeding their children women would try the food beforehand and if the food had a bitter taste then it was general thought it was poisonous therefore women avoided anything bitter. Now ladies, not all beer is bitter and we now have some 12,000 brewers in the UK, so the range of beer and flavours are phenomenal so don’t just limit yourselves to wine with food, give beer a go and just see how amazing it really is.

The evening then moved to:-

The Beer and Chocolate Menu

Hooky 3.5%               Milk Chocolate with Rose Oil

Lion 4%                     Cardamom in Milk Chocolate

Old Hooky 4.6%         Dark Chocolate Ginger

Double Stout 4.8%      Crystallised Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate

Flagship 5.3%             Dark Chocolate Buttons

The combinations were amazing. Double Stout, which has quite a bitter taste, was sublime with dark chocolate and crystallized orange peel it changed the beer to a much smoother, slightly sweeter drink which turned out to be the most popular combination and drink of the evening.

Next Ladies evening: 28th November 2014 – Join us for a Christmas Market in our Visitor Centre. Great news...Scoffs will be there too! What an ideal night to try a beer!

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