The world of hook norton brewery

Craft Beer Rising, Rising, Risen!!!!!?

"Craft beer is on the rise. A younger, more discerning consumer is turning to the category and a plethora of new brands are being created or imported to appeal to them. Established domestic brewers are changing their strategies, reverting back to craft, focusing on heritage and communicating production processes and ingredients." – Craft Beer Rising Organisers.

Hook Norton Brewery joined over 50 other breweries for the event held at the Truman Brewery in London. Richard Hughes, Manager at Hook Norton said 'The demographic was amazing! As well as the usual suspects we see at these events, there was a whole new generation of beer drinkers. Without a shadow of a doubt we saw the future of the beer industry with people who were more concerned with flavour than politics.'

Hook Norton Brewery ran with their latest beer; Lion and also the Brewery mainstay; Old Hooky in cask with Hooky Double Stout and Hooky Flagship in keg form.

'All our beers went down extremely well but in particular the kegged beers were a huge success'. Said Richard, 'sales wise they outstripped our cask range 3 to 1, with comments such as fantastic, amazing and where can we get these beers in London?'

The organisers stated in the opening paragraph of this news item - 'Craft beer is on the rise'.

We at Hook Norton are very proud  to be part of it.