The world of hook norton brewery

Hook Norton collaborates with Banbury Sound for fundraising Thirsty Kirsty

Beer is a very important part of North Oxfordshire, and we were delighted when Banbury Sound DJ Kirsty suggested working together to raise money for Dogs for the Disabled.  Extensive research was obviously required, to ensure we had the right beer for this opportunity, and Kirsty took part in this research with real conviction!  And so Thirsty Kirsty was born, and launched at Banbury Food Fair in August.  A light, refreshing, complex beer, fruity and sweet, a really cheeky little number, just like the presenter herself. The beer featured at a number of events in the Banbury Sound area, and together we raised £1400 and rising for the charity.  

An excellent effort, and a lot of funraising whilst we were fundraising!

What is the next step? Well a litter of puppies have been born and the fundraising will support the training for one puppy. There will be a competition to name the pup – thinking caps on!