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Hook Norton Tenant Puts His Point To Minister

Rene Klein, tenant of  The Great Western Arms Aynho, Hook Norton Brewery’s pub of the Year and Finalist in the Morning Advertiser Pub Of The Year had a chance to get his point over to Pubs Minister Jo Swinson recently.

Rene was part of a group of tenants who had the chance to meet pubs minister Swinson recently to discuss with her the benefits of a tied tenancy and how it affects his business.

Rene felt the meeting was a useful one and it gave him a chance to get his point over. “There were people there who have pubs with big pub companies and people like me who have a tenancy with a Brewery. Both I and one of the other people who had a small brewery tenancy were very keen to get over to the minister that as Brewery tenants we feel part of something, and if we have issues, there are people at the Brewery who will listen and help us wherever they can”, he said.

Hook Norton Operations Manager Bruce Benyon who was present at the meeting but took no part in the discussion felt the meeting got over an important point. “It is sad that much of the current controversy over pubs and the tied business model overlooks the fact that there are many small, often family owned breweries where the tenants of the pubs are looked on as “part of the family” and their business success is so much part of the success of the Brewery”