The world of hook norton brewery


Delivering beer around the highways, byways and sometimes back alleys of the country can sometimes require military levels of organisation, patience and precision and for one of our drivers, Derek this comes in handy outside of work.

In his spare time, you will find Staff Sergeant Derek Pratt making the 170 mile round trip to Southampton every Tuesday evening after work and every other weekend to his regiment the 457 Battery part of 106 Regiment Royal Artillery. During Derek’s 28 year career in the Reserve force he has served twice in operations in Iraq.

 This commitment to the cause was rewarded at the weekend when Derek was asked to be part of the Lord Mayors Show on Saturday and The Cenotaph for Remembrance Day on Sunday. Preceded by a frantic week of boot polishing and kit sorting Derek was proud to represent his regiment and is looking forward to returning to his working week without the need for so much polishing!