The world of hook norton brewery

Kegs go down a storm in Norway!

Never before had we packaged our beers in keg,  indeed in the 1970's we narrowly avoided this path, thanks largely to CAMRA and the revival of cask ale. At that time there was virtually no beer being exported and we concentrated all our efforts on supplying the UK market. 

However, since that time we have seen a growth in demand for our bottled beer internationally, and following on from the success of the craft beers produced by certain other well-known and respected breweries, there had to be a clear opportunity for draught beer to be sold abroad. To achieve this, knowing that the life of cask ale would struggle, we looked at the keg format.

After days of brainstorming, we decided to trial two of our beers in keg; Double Stout and Flagship. The latter, a 5.3% IPA style beer, was the first to leave our shores and wing its way into Norway. It has, to say the least, created something of a sensation. The reports that have come back are in their hundreds with comments such as "FANTASTISK", "DEILIG" and "ET VAKKERT SMAKSTILSATT ØL!!!"

Pictured above: Bjorn and Anette dispensing Flagship.