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RIP Consul, Hook Norton Brewery’s Leading Shire Horse

We mourn the loss of Consul aged 27, who sadly passed away on Saturday 29th September.

Consul, pictured on the right, had been Lead Shire Horse at Hook Norton Brewery for eighteen years and had delivered to the local pubs on no less than 1500 occasions. Consul also attended many shows, pulled Santa’s slay, several wedding carriages and a funeral carriage in that time, and had been loved by all who had come in contact with him.

Described as steadfast and reliable with a loving nature, Consul was seen as the leader of the Shires, who seemed to ‘father’ the new arrivals and often helped Roger Hughes, The Brewery’s Drayman, by ‘rounding up’ the other horses at stable time.

Consul was a horse of great character and will be sadly missed by the Brewery staff and customers alike. Rest in Peace Consul.