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Sovereign 90 - a beer for the birth day

Bottoms up Ma’am!

Sovereign 4.0%
A golden colour and sweet cordial nose with light floral and citrus flavours this 90 year old recipe, brewed on the day of our sovereign’s birth is a fitting tribute to her glorious life.

HRH Elizabeth II born April 21st 1926

Here at Hook Norton Brewery we decided to go back through our old brew books to find out what type of beer was being brewed in the era of our monarch’s birth. As luck would have it, we actually brewed on Wednesday April 21st 1926, a beer simply titled no 24 B. Due to the heavy duty on fuel, after the Great War, malted barley was a rare commodity (roasted barley impossible to get a hold of). This caused the brewers of the time to look elsewhere for their fermentables.

In this light yet still reasonably strong ale we have a combination of Maris Otter pale ale malt, terrified flaked maize (very similar to the corn flakes one might have of a morning) and a rather large quantity of block and liquid sugars. To help us brew we had Adam, Kate and Helen Robey, a local family from Hook Norton who had won the chance to help brew this very special beer. It was an interesting experiment, which I’m sure you will agree has garnered jubilant results.

So raise a glass with all of us at Hook Norton Brewery and wish our ‘Sovereign’…

‘appy birthday ma’am!