The world of hook norton brewery

Thank you to the Heritage Lottery Fund

After a major re building project which has taken place over the summer and autumn of 2014 we were able to start unwrapping something rather unusual. The original boiler chimney had been in poor state of repair, some remedial works had been undertaken in the 1970’s but the time had come to consider more extensive repairs. As the chimney is an important feature of the William Bradford brew house we applied for a Heritage Lottery Grant to assist with this major project. This was successful, and works started last summer. Midland Building were the contractors, and one of their craftsmen together with two apprentices, commenced taking down over half of the chimney brick by brick. Each brick had to be hand cleaned, sorted and stored for the rebuilding.

William Bradford was a well known brewery architect and also wrote a number of books. In his ‘Notes on Maltings and Breweries’ he makes reference to boiler chimneys, which he felt should be of beauty as well as functionality. The boiler chimney at Hook Norton is very much a pillar of beauty now.

We are indebted to all involved in the project. Heritage Lottery Fund, Midland Building, Sophie Strode, all of the volunteers, Oxford Film, and of course the Brewery staff who have continued to work through the disruption.