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As a proudly independent family owned and run brewery we have a long tradition of serving and selling beer through our pubs. Back in 1859 saw the beginning of the brewery’s estate with the purchase of a beer house at Down End, Hook Norton. 10 years later the Pear Tree Inn at the end of Brewery Lane was purchased. By 1907 our estate consisted of over 14 tied houses and four beer houses. Today our Hooky pub estate covers the heart of England with over 39 pubs across Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Gloucestershire.

This section will tell you more about what it’s like to run and work in a Hooky pub and also all you need to know if you are interested in joining the Hooky family.


Put simply, the people. We are a strong believer in family values and we see all of our pubs as being part of the Hooky family. We work with all of our tenants to make sure they have all the help, support and guidance they need to make their pub a success. Hook Norton Brewery has been a family run independent company for 5 generations and we have built up a strong background and experience of running, maintaining and growing a pub estate. We take a flexible, long term approach and will always look to work with you to help support and grow your business.


As part of the Hooky family you will be free to run your pub your way but will always be there in the background ready to help, support and guide you along the way. We take great pride in our pubs and the people who serve our beer and will do everything we can to help them succeed - from marketing, sales, cellar management, finance and staff training.                                               

As you can imagine, from the beer side we have a wide range of cask, keg and bottled beers to offer designed to meet the changing tastes and the demands of drinkers. Every ale uses the finest ingredients and each has a character of its own – allowing you to provide something new at the bar, all year round.

We have a range of over 20 different beers with our core cask range including the award winning Hooky, Old Hooky, Lion and Hooky Mild supported by two new seasonal ales each month. Our Crafty Keg Range includes Red Rye (4.7%) - The World's Best Rye Beer 2015 - , rich and red dark fruits with a hint of citrus, Merula Stout (4.2%) based on an original recipe passed down through the generations delivering a smooth and rich flavour and Cotswold Pale (4.4%), a pale, crisp beer with light citrus notes and a bold bitterness.

In addition, we have our very own pilot plant on site where we create a wide range of unique one off crafty ales - you can even brew your very own beer!


All of our Hook Norton Brewery tenancy agreements follow our Code of Practice to ensure you know exactly what is needed to run one of our pubs. We are here to help and don't believe in making false or unrealistic promises. Each new tenancy request is reviewed thoroughly to ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be a success.
Hook Norton Brewery has been a family run independent company for 5 generations and we have built up a strong background and experience of running, maintaining and growing a pub estate. We take a flexible, long term approach and will always look to work with you to help support and grow your business.


Here’s what a few of our tenants had to say about working with us.

Vickki & Gary at The Red Lion Ilmington

We already had experience of working with Hook Norton Brewery as we had managed one of their pubs for another tenant, so we didn’t take much persuasion to stay with them when we decided to get a pub of our own. Gary and I have over 20 years pub experience each and we have seen how most of the bigger breweries operate so we recognised the great opportunity of working with Hook Norton.
The whole process of taking on one of their pubs was relatively quick. We explained our situation, what our budget was and what we were looking for. The ideal pub presented itself and we created a business plan. The plan required an investment from the brewery for a refurbishment and we were able to convince the brewery that it would improve the overall business performance and therefore we would sell more beer!!!
As with all projects there are often hurdles and challenges along the way but you can imagine our surprise when a problem was highlighted and brought to the attention of the Managing Director himself. Within a couple of hours of speaking with someone at the brewery we had a text from James Clarke himself stating that he would come over to the pub first thing the following day. He kept his word and before the day was out James had put everything in motion to sort our problem out. The initial stress we had experienced soon vanished and it was from this point on we really felt a part of the Hooky family

Andy Judd at The Kings Head, Napton.
Hook Norton Brewery is my first choice when entering into a Tenanted agreement. Great products, Great support and a realistic approach to the partnership agreement.


To give you as much insight as possible as to what the reality is of running your own pub we offer a unique try before you buy experience. John at our brewery tap, The Pear Tree, literally a stone’s throw from the brewery, offers you the chance to stay and experience all of the aspects of running a pub. From learning the basics of keeping a superb pint, the long busy days and of course the fun side of living and working in the pub industry you’ll taste it all. To find out more please call John on 01608 737482 or email


If you are interested in finding out more about us and taking on one of our pubs please get in touch. We can sit down (usually over a coffee or a pint) and have an informal no commitment chat about how it all works.
Please give us a call on 01608 737210 or email


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Here you will find some  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about tenancies with Hook Norton.