Saucy 6 Cooking Kit

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A full range of saucy slow cooking kits, perfect for the slow cooker or oven!


Bish Bash Posh Sausage Cassoulet

Sticky Brisket Beef Without The Grief

Slow & Steady Moroccan Tagine

No Hurry Chicken Curry

Slow Comfortable Stew

Chilled Out Chilli Con Carne

Variants subject to availability.

1 review for Saucy 6 Cooking Kit

  1. Ian (verified owner)

    These sauces are very different to those found in a supermarket as these are tasty – very tasty and have the proper constituency so not watery or runny at all.
    The chilli had flavour rather than just heat and the tagine was smoky and tangy just as good t should be. Will be trying the brisket beef sauce with some half ribs later and really looking forward to it.
    Put everything in the slow cooker, switch it on and beg for patience. The sauces turn ingredients in to a delicious meal.
    Highly recommended.

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