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Cellar management

The temperature of the cellar should be maintained at 54 - 59°F (12 - 15°C).

Always order the correct size of cask to suit the turnover. The maximum time that a cask should be on sale is 4 days.

  1. Stillage the casks on delivery, and vent with a spile (a hard spile is usually sufficient). If it is not possible to stillage the casks on delivery, before stillaging they should be rolled well to ensure even redistribution of the finings.
  2. The cask should be tapped 24 – 48 hours before use.
  3. Check the clarity, taste and aroma of the beer before connecting the beer lines.
  4. Before each serving session, run off ¼ pint from each line and discard the beer. The beer is ready to drink now
  5. During serving, the hard spile must be replaced with a soft one. At the end of the session, the soft spile should be removed and a clean fresh hard spile inserted.
  6. All beer lines must be thoroughly cleaned at least once per week using an approved detergent.
  7. The cellar must be kept spotlessly clean at all times. No food and no smoking in the cellar.
  8. NEVER return beer to a cask.
  9. Once a cask is empty, please hard peg and cork it, to prevent infection.


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