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Look no further. Here at Hook Norton Brewery, you can now experience the full end-to-end process of creating and brewing your own beer. Ideal for weddings, stag do’s, birthday’s, retirements, corporate hospitality, parties or just to enjoy at home this is a great day and a great experience to step into the footsteps of brewing tradition here at Hook Norton.



Whatever smell, taste or colour you’re looking for our brewers will work with you to select the correct combination of malts, hops and yeast to match to produce your one off unique beer.


On the day, you’ll get to experience the full end to end process from mashing in, boiling, transferring and fermenting under the helpful guidance of our brewers who will explain each stage and the elements involved in the subtle art of brewing great and unique beer.

07:45 – Arrive at Brewery
You will be met by your host and the brewer who will explain how your day will be spent and kit you out in your brewing overalls and boots ready to start brewing!

08:00 – Commence Mash In
The brewer will take you down to the micro brewery where you’ll kick off proceeding with the mashing in. This combines crushed Malts with hot water in a mash tun to convert complex starches into simple sugars that are more readily fermented.

08.15 – Finish Mashing in
A quick tidy up then it’s upstairs to the brewer’s office for a quick cuppa and a walk around the main brewery.

09.30 – Transfer
Back into the micro brewery to commence the transfer into the copper.

10:00 – Breakfast
The brewer will take you over into our visitor centre for breakfast and you can spend some time with your host coming up with the name of your beer and wording for your pump clip. More importantly, you can place your lunch order!

11.00 – Finish wort transfer
After breakfast, you’ll be collected and taken back to the brewery to finish off the wort transfer, ready for the next stage – shovelling!

11:30 – Shovel out and clean Mash Tun
Time for some physical work! Our brewer takes a break and lets you clean out the spent grains from the Mash Tun, leaving it spic and span for the next brew.
Once that’s done, it’s time to bring things to the boil in the Copper and head up the step ladder to add the first hops.

12.40 – Finish boil and 2nd Hops
Once that’s done, it’s time to transfer your creation into the fermenting vessels.

13.00 – Start running in
This takes a bit of time, and to be honest, isn’t the most exciting thing in the world so once you’ve started running in, it’s back to the visitor centre for a spot of lunch

13:10 – Lunch
The brewer will take you over to the visitor centre where you can enjoy a leisurely lunch, check out the brewery museum before being collected about an hour later to finish off.

14:10 – Finish running in
While you’ve been enjoying your lunch, the beer has been happily transferring into the fermenting vessel

14:30 – Empty and clean copper
Now your beer is happily fermenting, there’s just one final job to do so break out your marigolds and make sure the copper is spic and span

15:00 – All done
Thank you for spending the day with us. We’ll be in touch in a week or so to let you know when your beer is ready and also send you your pump clip design for artistic approval – cheers!


Once your beer is ready (usually 2 weeks after brewing) you can come in, sample the fruits of your labour and collect your beer. You can collect your beer in the following:

  • Barrels x 2 – The beer will need to be allowed to settle for 24 hours once delivered and will keep up to 4 weeks without tapping and venting. Once it is tapped, we recommend you consume it within 4 days.
  • Polypins x 4 – These are easy to handle than barrels (think beer in a box). The beer will need to be allowed to settle for 24 hours once delivered and will have a shelf life of 1 month unopened. Once opened, we recommend you consume it within 4 days

We can make the beer ‘bright’ for you, meaning it does not need time to settle and can be moved around easily but in this form, it needs to be consumed within 4 days.



The cost for this one off and unique experience is £650. This is the cost per group, not per person.

What’s included:

  • Full day brewing experience
  • Tea & Coffee on arrival
  • Buffet lunch
  • 2 Firkin Barrells (144 pints) of your own ale
  • Bespoke design pump clip


We are currently not accepting bookings for Brew Your Own Beer Days. We will update this page once they are available.