Update from the brewery  

Business Update 27th March 2019

The situation the world is in with C 19 is clearly unprecedented, and very fast moving. We are adapting to these changes, and doing our absolute best to comply with Government advice.

We are totally focussed on saving and keeping employment across our brewery and pub businesses. To achieve this, we have implemented the following

By April 1st, many staff will be furloughed, where they are not required to work, but the Government will fund 80% of their normal salary. This includes all field sales staff, so any sales enquiries will be dealt with centrally. Staff who are furloughed will not be undertaking any work for the Company, and their phones and e-mails will not be answered, so all enquires need to be made through head office. We will continue to run the business with a skeleton staff.

We are still brewing beer for bottling, and we need to keep brewing once or twice a week to keep our yeast going. Our already high standards of hygiene throughout the brewery have been further bolstered, with regular surface cleaning, and disinfecting of key items such as door handles, light switches, etc.

Online deliveries are remaining available, and we will have a click and collect facility. All of this is undertaken in full accordance with the 2 metre distance, and relevant personal hygiene. Some of these deliveries we are undertaking ourselves, and we have strict rules on one person in a dedicated vehicle, with disinfection procedures in place. We will deliver the beer to your door, but then step back to maintain the 2 metres. The shop is not staffed Sunday and Monday, so the delivery window is likely to be 3 to 5 days from order.

Click and collect from the drive through is available from Wednesday 1st April and run Tuesday to Friday 10 until 4 and Saturday 10 until 12 noon.

The office will run with staff splitting their time between home working and the office, on alternating days, and with clear distancing in the office. The answerphone will be on for most of the time, but we will pick up voicemails regularly.

We are supporting our Hooky pubs with as much information as we can, to ensure they claim what reliefs and support they are entitled to.

I cannot begin to thank all the Hooky staff and pubs for the huge support, understanding and commitment they have shown to the business and me personally. It is humbling and overwhelming at times. We will emerge from this even stronger, and for the duration of the restrictions, we will all support each other, both commercially and personally.

Thank you.

J W Clarke