The Sun Inn

Hook Norton Pubs in Verse

A story goes that in the 1930′s a vagrant called at the back door of the Sun Pub. “I have no money”, he said to the Landlord, and continued “but if I can come up with a poem mentioning all the Hook Norton pubs will you give me a free drink?”

“O.K., you have a deal”, replied the landlord.

After a while the vagrant returned and recited the following verse;

“The Sun shines brightly in the Morn
The Blackbird flies in for his feed of corn
The Pear Tree hangs over the oak door
And the Lion comes out with a roar
There’s a Wheatsheaf standing by South Hill
And travellers rest at the Hotel on Tank Hill
There’s a Gate hanging High on the old drovers road
And a Bell that rings out atop its own road”.

Apparently the vagrant got his pint!

James Tobin (Based on a story related by Richard Stevens)