New Beer – Mandarina Wheat

Looking for a refreshing, light, fruity beer that packs a punch? We’ve brewed Mandarina Wheat, our summer sensation that is orange peel perfection! A punchy brew with fresh orange peel & German hop giving flavours this is certainly something a little bit different from the traditional brewery. Available in 500ml Vichy style bottles, it’s been 33 years since we last bottled beer at the brewery and had to raid the museum for the crowner machine!

You’re going to get the classic banana and clove notes in this (deliberately) hazy beer alongside the centrepiece of Mandarina Bavaria hop that adds a subtle but distinct mandarin flavour. To finish, and for that fresh, just picked off the tree, orange flavour, shades of orange peel were added.

Mandarina Wheat is best enjoyed cold and fresh and with just 1,200 bottles it won’t be around for long so head down to the brewery shop or pick up a six or eight pack online at
Mandarina Wheat 5%

See: Golden
Smell: Citrus
Taste: Zesty notes