New permanent beer – Off The Hook

We have a change to our core range of beers, which are available in cask and bottle all year.
Off The Hook is now a regular beer, available all year. This beer was first brewed at the beginning of lockdown 1, and then we had to quickly move it from cask to bottle. This beer was received so well we made it available in cask for the re-opening of pubs in July, and it has been very popular ever since. So we are delighted it is now available all year.

Hooky Gold becomes a seasonal beer, and will be available in April, May and June. Hooky Gold was first brewed in 2006 as a trial golden beer, and joined the core range a year later. It has served us well, and is our second most popular bottled beer. So Hooky Gold is not leaving us, it will still make a guest appearance in 2022 in cask, and continue to be available all year in bottle. We will also have a range of bespoke beers for 2022 in cask, some old favourites and a couple of new beers.


A strong combination of citrus and orange notes delivering a full on refreshing beer.

See: Pale
Smell: Citrus fruits
Taste: Orange and citrus

Available in cask and 500ml bottles all year round.