Hook Norton Brewery have teamed up with New Zealand based craft brewers the Yeastie Boys for their next brew – X Ale.


Looking for a unique way to celebrate ten years of brewing, the Yeastie Boys approached ten breweries to work with on ten one-off and unique beers for their YeastieX project.


JK, Brewserker from the Yeastie Boys said “Hook Norton was one of the first UK breweries I fell in love with, so much so I ‘suggested’ it as a stop on my honeymoon! Pouring over their brewing records I found a recipe exactly 100 years before our tenth birthday with a surprisingly modern style. X Ale is a good nod to the old and new, our love of tradition and mucking about with it in a respectful way.”


X Ale is a contemporary re-imagining of a 100 year old recipe with a dose of artistic license. Pale gold with aromas of zesty lime, satsuma and passion fruit and a dark fruit taste with a hint of spicy lemon zest.

Hook Norton managing director, James Clarke, said: “We love to push the boundaries and have a play around with what people’s perception are of what beer Hooky makes. This is not the usual brew people would expect to come out of our cellar but we are always looking to offer something new and different and this certainly fits the bill. It was great to be a part of the YeastieX anniversary project and can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with them”

X Ale is currently available in cask and in September a handy 330ml can.