Double Stout 4.8%

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12 x 500ml bottles.
First brewed in 1898 this is a smooth and full-bodied stout with a refreshing hoppy aftertaste. A blend of dark malts gives it a character all of its own. Black malt enriches the colour and teases the palate, and brown malt gives it the dryness.


See: Dark ebony
Smell: Coffee, liquorice, roasted
Taste: Burnt, oaky, dry

“One of the finest examples of a traditional English stout.” Roger Protz, Editor Good Beer Guide

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3 reviews for Double Stout 4.8%

  1. Phippster

    A wonderfully deep, dark stout. Certainly up there with Dorothy Goodbody’s Wholesome, Titanic and Brewdog Jet Black Heart.

  2. Utterances (verified owner)

    Full of depth and flavour. You won’t be disappointed. Extremely moreish.

  3. Sam Jones

    Dark and mysterious on the eye and a hint of coffee on the nose which really comes through on the palate. Definitely not a cloying, overly sweet stout. Nicely robust with just enough bitterness. Absolute classic. Those Victorians certainly knew a thing or two about dark beers.

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