Hooky Gold 4.1% Minipin/Polypin

Enjoy fresh cask Hooky Gold beer at home. Choose from MiniPin (18 pints) or PolyPin (36 pints) boxes. Delivered direct to your door. Hooky Gold – a very pale, crisp beer, with a hoppy character. A fruity aroma and a pleasant, light taste.

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PLEASE NOTE: The ideal storage temperature is 10-13 degrees centigrade and the beer has a shelf life of 4 weeks once it is sealed. If you need the beer for a specific date please contact us to check Best Before dates on available stock. Once opened, we recommend you consume the beer within 3-4 days.


1. To serve in perfect condition follow these simple instructions:

2. Support the container firmly, tilting approximately 2 inches/50mm from the back towards the tap.

3. Carefully remove perforated area by hand to reveal container tap.

4. Stand undisturbed for 24 hours at a temperature of 50-55 degrees F or 10-13 degrees C.

5. Run off 1/4 pint and discard, the beer is now ready for you to enjoy.


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