Mackmyra Björksav Single Malt Swedish Whisky

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Mackmyra Björksav is a Swedish single malt whiskey that is produced by Mackmyra Svensk Whiskey AB in Mackmyra Bruk in Gästrikland. The whiskey is aged in oak casks that have previously contained birch sap, which gives it a unique flavour profile with hints of birch, honey, vanilla and citrus.

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Mackmyra Björksav was launched in 2013 and has since become one of Mackmyra’s most popular whiskeys. The whiskey has won several awards, including a gold medal in the International Whiskey Competition 2014.

Mackmyra Björksav is a fruity and light whiskey that is well suited to be enjoyed as is or in a cocktail. The whiskey can also be used as a culinary ingredient, for example in desserts or sauces.

Here are some tasting notes for Mackmyra Björksav:

Nose: Birch, honey, vanilla, citrus
Palate: Fresh, fruity, light
Finish: Long, with hints of birch, honey and vanilla
If you are looking for a unique and tasty Swedish single malt whisky, Mackmyra Björksav is an excellent choice.

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