Sky Wave Old Tom Gin

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Old Tom is a very old style of English gin, dating back to the 17th Century. Production techniques and ingredients were often very poor, resulting in a rough-tasting drink. It was therefore sweetened slightly, and sometimes lightly spiced, to make it palatable, as it would usually have been drunk neat. This often resulted in a spirit that was no longer clear.

Sky Wave has been faithful to this style, creating an exquisitely crafted historic gin brought up to date for the discerning 21st century drinker.

Available in 500ml bottles only, 41%ABV.

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Our Approach
Sky Wave Gin Master Distiller, Andrew Parsons, is passionate about gin. He wants to explore all styles of the spirit. Having created a forward-looking gin, in the form of the World’s Best Contemporary Gin, he also innovated with Sky Wave’s Limited Edition Cask Aged Gin, which created a loyal following of devotees during its 400 bottle run. Now, with Old Tom he is referencing history whilst marrying it with present day innovation.

Tasting Notes
Sky Wave Old Tom Gin, at 41% ABV, is authentically true to the original style. A hint of sweetness gives way to a slightly spicy palate with a long finish, in this naturally tinted expression.

Perfect Serve
The perfect serve for a Sky Wave Gin Old Tom Gin could be neat, over ice or mixed as a G&T. For the latter, mix one part Old Tom with two parts of neutral tonic. Garnish with a slice of lime. Or for a fabulously spicy alternative, swap the tonic for ginger ale. Trust us, it’s amazing!

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