The English Wine Case

£85.00 Inc. VAT

Case contains:

1 x Brightwell Oxford Flint White

1 x Chafor Bacchus

1 x Welcombe Hills Viola Bacchus

1 x Brightwell Oxford Regatta Red

1 x Gifford’s Hall St Edmundsbury Red

1 x Chafor Vintage Cuvee 2014



Brightwell Oxford Flint White is a fully dry wine from Huxelrebe grapes, Oxford Flint is a classic white wine in the style of the Loire Valley. It has fresh acidity with crisp mineral tones and finished with a hint of grapefruit.

Oxford Flint is very refreshing, and is ideal as an aperitif, or as an accompaniment to fish and white meats. Its zesty acidity also allows it to partner spicy foods such as Chinese and Thai dishes!

Chafor Bacchus is a crisp, elegant and refined, this English wine from the Chafor estate in Buckinghamshire, one of the very best English vineyards we know of, reflects the true varietal character of this quintessentially English grape with a balance of elderflower, inviting minerality and zesty tropical undertones.

Welcombe Hills Viola Bacchus is specially selected by Welcombe Hills Vineyard, these Bacchus grapes were handpicked in local vineyards after the hot summer of 2018. This complex and aromatic wine offers refreshing acidity and a light body. Flavours of lemon zest, apple, pear and nettle give way to a crisp, generous finish.

Brightwell Oxford Regatta Red  is a versatile wine that drinks well on its own, or accompanying any food. Clean and smooth it will balance red meats or highly spiced foods such as Chinese and Thai dishes. A very clean, fully dry red wine, blended principally from Dornfelder grapes. A similar style to northern Italian red wines, it has a refreshing clarity and is redolent of English summer berries, cherries and damson and a long finish. Oak barrel aged, it has firm tannins, and is an outstanding example of the ever-improving quality now being achieved in English winemaking.

Gifford’s Hall St Edmundsbury is a red Named in honour of our home town. St Edmundsbury Cathedral has a great history – vines were grown within the Abbey Walls and in medieval times, a third of the Tithe to Rome paid in hogsheads of wine. The is a lovely spicy English red redolent of the Rhone Valley with loads of fruit and a heavier ‘mouthfeel’. Good with game, pasta or a roast.

Chafor Vintage Cuvee 2014 ia a properly bottle aged sparkler from an excellent English vineyard. Lemon gold with spicy fruit and hints of peach. A fine mousse with prolonged undertones of honeyed fig, baked apple and toasted brioche.


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