TOAD Cuisse de Nymphe

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The Cuisse de Nymphe rose, so named for its colour, translates as ‘blush on a maiden’s thigh’. Appealing to our cheeky spirit, the name lends elegance and a kiss of rose to this romantic gin liqueur. Previously available as a limited edition Distillery Edition, we are delighted to add Cuisse de Nymphe to our permanent collection.

Cuisse de Nymphe is a delicate spirit with the perfect balance of aromatic organic rose petals and apples leading to subtle hints of first press locally foraged damsons and sloes, handpicked with love by our distillery team. True to our craft nature we pick our apples from local organic orchards and have them pressed by Oxford’s Tiddly Pommes, a local micro-enterprise turning local apples into delicious juice.

As with everything at The Oxford Artisan Distillery, the gin base is distilled from our ancient heritage grains, grown just for us within 50 miles of Oxford. Eschewing pesticides and chemical fertilisers all of our crops are grown sustainably, contributing to an abundance of wildflowers, insects and birds across our farms.

Fresh and fruity, Cuisse de Nymphe is perfect served neat over ice or topping a refreshing chilled glass of Prosecco. 1 x bottle 50cl. 22% ABV.


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