Tower Ale 4.2%

£35.00 Inc. VAT

12 x 500ml bottles.
As part of our 175th Anniversary celebrations, Tower Ale is a limited edition release.


Taste tradition with a modern twist.Brewer Andy Thomas said ‘We are very excited to be using Olicana in our special one-off 175 beer. We have used Olicana before and loved brewing with it for its tropical and floral notes. This variety in our eyes is on another level. We’ve combined it with Goldings, the UK’s oldest variety and Fuggles, a mainstay of our Hooky beers over the years. It’s great to continue our longstanding association with Charles Faram.

See: Light amber
Smell: Floral, light passion fruit and grapefruit notes
Taste: Sweet toffee notes and a light fruity finish

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Weight 10 kg

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