Twelve Days 5.5% Minipin/Polypin

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Enjoy fresh cask Twelve Days Porter at home. Choose from Minipin (18 pints) or Polypin (36 pints) boxes. Delivered direct to your door or from the brewery shop. Twelve Days – a strong dark porter, with a malty palate and nutty overtones, that give way to a lyrical sweetness. A great beer for those long winter evenings.


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PLEASE NOTE: The ideal storage temperature is 10-13 degrees centigrade and the beer has a shelf life of 4 weeks once it is sealed. If you need the beer for a specific date please contact us to check Best Before dates on available stock. Once opened, we recommend you consume the beer within 3-4 days.


1. To serve in perfect condition follow these simple instructions:

2. Support the container firmly, tilting approximately 2 inches/50mm from the back towards the tap.

3. Carefully remove perforated area by hand to reveal container tap.

4. Stand undisturbed for 24 hours at a temperature of 50-55 degrees F or 10-13 degrees C.

5. Run off 1/4 pint and discard, the beer is now ready for you to enjoy.

NOTE: If you want to be able to serve your beer straight away we can make it BRIGHT for you.

This takes 48 hours to do so if you want your beer for Saturday you will need to give us a call on Wednesday to order it.

To order a BRIGHT beer please give us a call on 01608 730384.



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