Yerevan Areni Karmrayhut Armenia Blend

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1 x bottle. Fresh and juicy red fruit with cherries and an attractive peppery character on the palate. Interesting wine from vineyards at over 1000 metres. 12.5% abv.

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2 reviews for Yerevan Areni Karmrayhut Armenia Blend

  1. Jeremy James

    Bought some of this the other day because I prefer wines of 12.5% and not the full headache 14% stuff that everyone churns out, boringly. This is a very decent wine altogether: light and enjoyable, no nasty tempers that people get from the heavy duty dull eyed, slow blink, thick making kit that passes for wine these days. No nasty headaches with this one, no upset gut, good with just about anything or just quaffing quietly away. Haven’t enjoyed a wine as much for a good while and at such a reasonable sum. And slept after it which I never do on the 14%.

  2. Jim Lawless (verified owner)

    Having sampled wines from the Caucasus years ago I’ve seldom seen them available in the UK, so I was pleased when a friend let me know of this one. A very enjoyable drop for anyone looking for something a bit out of the usual. I don’t claim to be an aficionado but I found it rich and mellow without beating you over the head with its character. Paired it with a beef stew and I must admit the cork didn’t go back in the bottle for the rest of the evening. Reds can have an unfortunate effect on me when that happens but I’m pleased to say I got up feeling fine today. Very reasonably priced for the high quality as well. Would definitely recommend.

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