All hands on deck at Shire Horse Society Heavy Horse Camp

Heavy horse owners and enthusiasts from all over the country gathered this weekend at Arena UK for the Shire Horse Society’s annual four day training camp of which Hook Norton Brewery are proud to be sponsors of.
Attracting both native and foreign heavy breeds, to include Suffolk Punches, Brabants and Percherons volunteers from the Shire Society donated their knowledge and expertise to eager enthusiasts in the name of improving standards and securing the future of our traditional working horses.

Campers were able to attend a number of sessions over the four days, ranging from Riding, Plaiting, Harness Cleaning and Show Ring Craft to name but a few. Three days of intense training finished with a show day on Sunday, open to the public and an opportunity for campers to put into practice what they’d learnt.

Classes ranged from Open Ridden, Harness and in-hand showing with Hook Norton rosettes awarded to everybody placed 1st – 6th. Those fortunate to place 1st were also awarded with a coveted Hook Norton Brewery Horse Brass, stamped to mark the joyous occasion.

Hook Norton Brewery Managing Director and Shire Horse Society Trustee, James Clarke said ‘It was a tremendous effort made by presenters and organisers to deliver something which is much needed to support and welcome new owners and showman to the heavy horse world. The future looks bright with so many new enthusiasts backing the plight of our heavy breeds.

Shire Horses remain at critical risk of extinction, with their numbers rapidly declining due to no longer having a use in agricultural work, despite this they do make fantastic riding horses and their popularity is slowly growing year by year. The Shire Horse Society aims to spread awareness and promote the breed, striving to ensure their survival for future years to come.

Hook Norton Brewery has recently achieved the accolade of ‘Shire Horse Society Approved Centre’ status, meeting a rigorous set criteria ensuring their stables confirm to the highest of standards and the knowledgeable team on site are working in unison with the society to support and raise awareness of these magnificent animals.

To keep up with the Breweries two resident Shire horses and Clydesdale, head to their Facebook ‘Hooky Brewery Heavy Horses.’