Hook Norton Brewery experiment with Trial #1 Lager

The rumours are true.

Looking for a beer style that would compliment their existing award winning range of both cask and keg beers, some would say Hook Norton Brewery have broken with tradition and brewed their first lager. Trial #1.

Brewed in their pilot plant using a special lager yeast, this first trial batch (hence the name!) delivers a crisp clean continental style, not over hoppy – but very drinkable.

James Clarke, Managing Director said: “I would never have thought we would have been brewing a lager, a real departure for us but then when I joined Hook Norton Brewery we didn’t have mobile telephones, the internet, brewed three different beers, records were handwritten, and 90% of beer drunk in the UK was drunk in pubs. Times and tastes change and we like to think down here at Hooky we can do the same.

We are very pleased with our first brew and hope you are too. Trial #1 Lager 4% will be available for tasting and feedback at The Sun Inn, Hook Norton, 4, Banbury, The Castle, Oxford and of course here at the brewery where it will be the star attraction at our Open Tap Tasting Evening on Wednesday 9th May 6pm – 9pm. What would our forebears say? I think they would chuckle, and acknowledge that we are in a different world today and when it comes down to it, it’s usually the occasion more than the drink you’ll remember.“