Ironestone Lager

Ironstone Lager

Ironstone Lager: Our Refreshing New Tradition That Took Flight

For over 175 years, Hook Norton Brewery has been a cornerstone of brewing excellence, specialising in classic traditional cask ales. Now, we have added another string to our bow and have another success story on our hands: Ironstone Lager!

Crafted with Passion:
Ironstone Lager is a culmination of years of experience and dedicated brewing. Inspired by continental lager styles, we meticulously crafted a recipe featuring light hops, a crisp finish, and a delightfully refreshing taste. Each batch undergoes a slow, cold fermentation process; we insist that every brew of Ironstone is aged for at least 44 days – 1 day for each 0.1% of alcohol, culminating in a smooth and flavourful lager that honours our brewing heritage. In our opinion, there really is no replacement or substitute for time when it comes to colder fermented beers.

A Commitment to Quality:
We believe in the power of time-tested techniques. That’s why we insist every batch of Ironstone Lager rests for a minimum of 44 days, ensuring a depth of flavor that truly shines through. Named after the very stones the brewery is built with, (not some random local stone monolith) Ironstone embodies our commitment to quality and local tradition. We never ‘hawk’ our production out and every drop of Ironstone is brewed right here at Hook Norton.

Experience the Difference:
Ironstone Lager is available on draught in discerning pubs and for you to enjoy at home in a handy 500ml bottles, with cans coming soon. The perfect choice for any occasion. Discover why it’s quickly becoming a favourite among discerning lager lovers.