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Pubs and breweries are historic partners at the heart of villages, towns and cities across the UK. Together they are one of our most traditional industries, yet at the same time one of the most modern and exciting. Pubs are at the heart of our culture, where friends, families and neighbours come together, and where the next Ed Sheeran or Emeli Sandé is taking their first step towards superstardom. The UK’s brewers are at the forefront of a brewing revolution that has seen an explosion of beers on the market, new low and no alcohol beers, innovative flavour combinations as well as a resurgence and reinvention of traditional styles.

Most of us recognise that pubs and brewing are essential to our economy, to our social lives, and to our communities, yet over the past twenty five years taxes have increased to the point where pubs and breweries find themselves overtaxed and under genuine pressure.

Things need to change, and that is what Long Live The Local is asking for. We are asking for investment to allow pubs and breweries to grow. In return, through sector growth we will create stronger and more connected communities, local investment, jobs and a thriving industry to be proud of.

Long Live The Local is campaigning for the reform of three taxes:

  • A permanent lower level of VAT for all food and beverages sold in pubs
  • An overall reduction in Beer Duty
  • Lower business rates for pubs equitable to other similar businesses