Hooky Original Cider 4.8%

This modern, medium dry cider is refreshingly juicy with a crisp, clean finish and gentle sparkle.

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Looking to add a good honest cider to our range, we looked to the past for inspiration and teamed up with fellow family brewers at Oldfields Cider in Worcestershire

Hook Norton Brewery Managing Director James Clarke

“My boyhood memories of Worcestershire hops and apples spied from the back of a delivery dray reminded me of Little Lambswick Farm, the home of Oldfields Cider. Since my Grandfathers time we have brewed with their hops so when it came to looking for a cider, Oldfields Cider, produced on that farm was the obvious choice.”


Hooky Berry Cider 4%

Crafted with real blackberry juice and a blend of Worcestershire apples. Berry is a naturally sweet & crisp fruit cider.

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Geoff Thompson, Hop grower and orchard man, Oldfields Cider.

“At Oldfields we’re devoted to crafting quality cider made from freshly pressed apples. All our ciders are concentrate free, meaning they are crammed full of natural flavour!”


Hooky Original Cider and Hooky Berry Cider are available in 50L Kegs. To find out more or place an order please give us a call on 01608 737210.