Hook Norton Brewery is a member of the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and, as such, we offer high standards of fairness and transparency to our tenants.

This Code of Practice follows the pub industry Framework Code of Practice and is accredited by the British Institute of Inn keeping Benchmarking and Accreditation Service (BIIBAS).

As members of the BBPA, Hook Norton Brewery also subscribes to the Pub Independent Rent Review Service (PIRRS). The Code of Practice is not capable of being unilaterally altered and any amendments will be made in consultation with BIIBAS.

This Code of Practice sets out the principles that will be observed by the Company when offering pub businesses to rent and the obligations that are also required from our prospective tenants.

Both the Company and new tenants are required to sign a copy of this Code to confirm that both parties understand the terms and obligations set out. The tenancy agreement represents the main contractual agreement but this Code will have an effect and may be relied upon by both parties in the event of any dispute.

Hook Norton Brewery recommends tenants seek advice before signing this legal document.

CLICK HERE to download your copy of the code of practice

Other services available.

PICA Service
The Pubs Independent Conciliation and Arbitration Service (PICA-Service) offers an accessible, independent, low cost dispute resolution service, to the licensed industry which allows tenants/lessees and Pub Companies/Breweries with 1-499 pubs to resolve disputes in a fair and timely manner.
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The Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme (PIRRS) which offers an accessible, independent, low cost rent review resolution service for pub tenants and lessees in England, Wales and Scotland, has been extended to also deal with rents concerning tenancy renewals under circumstances where terms of the new Lease or Tenancy Agreement have been agreed between the parties. Capped fees enable tenants and landlords to resolve disputes in a fair and timely manner.  PIRRS is available to tenants of companies who are signatories of the Pub Sector Code of Practice (England, Wales & Scotland)
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If you are interested in finding out more about us and taking on one of our pubs please get in touch. We can sit down (usually over a coffee or a pint) and have an informal no commitment chat about how it all works. Please give us a call on 01608 737210 or email