Scaling Everest in Hooky – without Oxygen and frostbite!

At a Tour Guides meeting the other day we were discussing how many tours some Guides had undertaken. It appears at least two of them (Malcolm and Chris) had each done over a thousand.


This got me thinking, given we have a Tower Brewery I wonder how high they could have climbed during these tours. Actually it is quite easy to work out, each step height is 9″ and they usually go up (and down) at least 80 of them. So 80 times 9″ divided by 12″ times 1000 tours  = 60,000ft.

Now mount Everest is 29,029 feet, so in effect they have each climbed the equivalent of the mountain twice!

Me? I’ve only done 600 tours so I’m currently on my second Everest climb!

James Tobin.