Steam Engine

Unusual Brewery involvement in the Community.

Hook Norton Brewery is a central part of the local community, by supporting and involvement in such things as local charities, sports teams, brass band and fire service.

This all started in 1895 with the establishment of the first Parish Council on which sat Brewery Company Secretary George Groves, Head Brewer Alban Clarke and John Henry Harris, son of the founder John. I’m on the look-out for any of the more unusual Brewery Community involvement, here are a couple found so far from Parish Council records.

Regarding the Fire service, one of the requests made on the Brewery in October 1925 was to quote for providing horses for the Shand Mason fire engine day or night. This came following a serious fire at Rye Hill which the village brigade was unable to attend through lack of transport. At this time it was not unusual to see the village coal man left stranded with no horses attached to his wagon, the animals having been commandeered by the brigade! It is not clear if the request was approved but so far no evidence has been found that deliveries of beer have been held up by the absence of Dray horses due to Fire duties!

Another odd duty taken up by brewery personnel occurred in March 1934 when farmer local farmer Fred Painter spoke of the annoyance caused by large numbers of wasps in the village. He suggested that queen wasps should be destroyed before May, and the man in charge of their disposal was non-other than Head brewer Bill Clarke. Bill asked that he be informed of any sightings and he would be willing at any time to destroy them!

More to follow as found……………..

James Tobin    (with thanks to Hook Norton Village Museum)