Hook Norton Brewery's horse drawn dray delivering to The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford

Ashmolean Ale

The Ashmolean Museum is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with local Oxfordshire brewery, Hook Norton nestled in the Oxfordshire countryside, just over 20 miles north of the Museum. One of only 32 family-owned breweries in the UK, with over 170 years of history, and with the finest example of a Victorian Tower Brewery in the country, Hook Norton’s heritage and quality speaks for itself.

Early discussions with Hook Norton’s Head Brewer and Managing Director, James Clarke, were — as usual — looking to the collection to inspire the product. However, in this case it is the importance of community, storytelling, and shared values rooted in a deep sense of history where we found our common ground for the first Ashmolean Ale.

James commented, “Working with the Ashmolean Museum to produce their first ale has been a real honour and celebrates our joint passion for history and heritage. We have poured all of our 173 years of beer and brewing knowledge into creating Ashmolean Ale which we hope will help refresh and inspire minds in equal measures.”

The first delivery of Ashmolean Ale to the museum was made the traditional way using Hook Norton’s Heavy Horse and Dray.

Ashmolean Ale 4.5%

See: Pale Gold
Smell: Orange Zest
Taste: Floral

Available to buy direct from the Ashmolean Museum, the Hook Norton Brewery Shop and online.

AShmolean IPA