Shire Horses back delivering beer

The Oxfordshire roads around Hook Norton will once again ring out to the sound of the heavy footfall of the Shire Horse this week as we re-start our horse-drawn deliveries.

Due to the various lockdown restrictions, it has been almost 2 years since Commander and Lucas visited the local pubs in the area, delivering our award winning ales (and to get their pint of beer!), but now they are back and ready to go under the new whip of professional Coachman Nicholas Carter and groom Sarah Nash. As one of only three breweries in the U.K still using the shire horse for deliveries, we are proud to be able to get the boys back to work.

Managing Director James Clarke says, “We have a long tradition of working Shire horses here at the brewery, which we feel is really important. Our horses are a firm favourite amongst the village and we believe wholeheartedly that they have a true place in our team, delivering locally and representing us at external events. We have a new team here and we are pleased that the boys are fit and ready to go back to work after the easing of the lockdown restrictions.”

The Shire Horses can be seen out on their duties every week in Hook Norton and daily in the brewery stables. We are also opening a small museum space within the stable block, dedicated to the history of working Shire horses and their history here at the brewery. This can be seen on each of the Brewery tours bookable through the Visitor Centre, commencing once more on Monday 12th April. If you would like the shire horses to appear at your event; please contact the team at

Video Footage Credit BBC South Today.