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Whenever we have some news from the brewery or any of our pubs, we’ll be sure to post it here. Look out for lots of stories coming up, reporting on events and anything else we think might be of interest to you!

Scaling Everest in Hooky – without Oxygen and frostbite!

At a Tour Guides meeting the other day we were discussing how many tours some Guides had undertaken. It appears at least two of them (Malcolm and Chris) had each done over a thousand.   This got me thinking, given we have a Tower Brewery I wonder how high they could have climbed during these […]

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Hook Norton Pubs in Verse

A story goes that in the 1930′s a vagrant called at the back door of the Sun Pub. “I have no money”, he said to the Landlord, and continued “but if I can come up with a poem mentioning all the Hook Norton pubs will you give me a free drink?” “O.K., you have a […]

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Grist to the Mill, or Grist from the Mill?

When taking groups on a tour of the Brewery and we reach the Malt store, I refer to our obtaining Malted Barley Grist from our Grist Mill. When hearing this people will often say ‘Surely the saying is Grist to the mill, not from the Mill?’ Actually, both sayings are correct. In a flour mill, […]

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Brewing 812

Having been a Hook Norton Brewery Tour guide for a number of years I had seen many brews in process but I now see things from a different perspective. This is because I recently had the pleasure of actually helping ‘hands-on’ to brew a Beer that was being brewed especially for a project I was […]

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Who shot the lights out?

Over the years the buildings of Hook Norton Brewery have been used for a number of things other than Brew related. It started with World War Two and soldiers being billeted in the Stables, and then with the threat of invasion the Malt House was earmarked as a food store. In later years the local […]

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Hop growing in North Oxfordshire?

When considering Hop growing areas in the UK we naturally think of Kent, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and maybe South Oxfordshire but not North of the county. What made me study this subject was the reference on an old 1800′s map of Banbury (above) to there being a ‘Hop garden’ showing on Salt Way. Here’s what […]

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Why the gardens in Hooky are blooming

Brewers Spent Hops. Last month we looked at Brewers Grains and their use when the Brewery had finished with them, this month we look at spent Hops. Hops are the flowers the hop plant, they are used primarily as a flavouring and stability agent in beer to which they impart bitter, zesty, or citric flavours. […]

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Why the cows are happy hooky ones

Brewers Grains. Regular visitors to Hook Norton Brewery will be aware of the Farm trailer parked at the base of the Brewery tower which is there to collect the spent grist from the brew mashing process. The grain is dispensed from the mash tun into the trailer via a tube in the centre of the […]

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Brewery Museum

Hook Norton Brewery – Christmas 1939

Any visitor to the brewery in December 1939 could be forgiven in thinking they had come to an army camp. This is because based here at that time were elements of the Durham Light Infantry. Fortunately for us historians the head brewer at this time, Bill Clarke, has written some comments about the early war […]

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1899 building tower brewery

Brew dates – Hook Norton beers

During Brewery tours I’m often asked the question “Which is your oldest Beer?”. The easy answer of course is ‘Mild’ as this is shown as ‘Brew number 1, November 24th’ in the original John Harris brew records of 1856. To further add to this, if we then look through the sources shown below we find […]

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Looking back at Brewing and Pubs in Hook Norton

Looking back at Brewing and Pubs in Hook Norton. Today, when there’s talk of Beer in Hook Norton we naturally think of the ales brewed by our famous Brewery here in Scotland End In 1300 the Brewing scene was very different, and we have Margaret Dickens history of the village to thank for giving us […]

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Looking back – Hook Norton pub snippets – The Pear Tree, Hook Norton

Located at the end of Brewery Lane and known as the Brewery Tap, the Pear Tree was opened as a pub in 1869. John Harris had earlier recorded his first commercial brew in 1856 and soon after, in 1859, opened up a Beerhouse in Down End. The acquisition of the Pear Tree saw the beginning […]

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