Hook Norton Brewery News

Whenever we have some news from the brewery or any of our pubs, we’ll be sure to post it here. Look out for lots of stories coming up, reporting on events and anything else we think might be of interest to you!

The Hooky Awards 2018

Last Wednesday was our annual Hooky Awards where we celebrate, reward and acknowledge the success of our pubs and their proprietors and staff. This year saw yet again a variety of different winners and highly commended pubs and a great day was had by all. Below are all the highly commended and Winners of each category: […]

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Firkin 5 Fun Run

The sun shone and the beer flowed at the 2nd annual Firkin 5 Fun Run on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who took part and everyone who helped out. The results are in and can be found below Barry from Oxon Races took some great photos once again. Some at 0.58M, some at 4.64M and the […]

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Hook Norton Brewery experiment with Trial #1 Lager

The rumours are true. Looking for a beer style that would compliment their existing award winning range of both cask and keg beers, some would say Hook Norton Brewery have broken with tradition and brewed their first lager. Trial #1. Brewed in their pilot plant using a special lager yeast, this first trial batch (hence […]

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Steam Engine

Unusual Brewery involvement in the Community.

Hook Norton Brewery is a central part of the local community, by supporting and involvement in such things as local charities, sports teams, brass band and fire service. This all started in 1895 with the establishment of the first Parish Council on which sat Brewery Company Secretary George Groves, Head Brewer Alban Clarke and John […]

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Granny Di’s ‘Twelve Days’ Christmas Pudding.

It’s a bit early I know, but I’ve just placed my order for my Twelve Days Christmas Pud. Now this one is so delicious I thought I would also let everyone else in on the treat (with Granny Di’s kind permission of course); The following will make one 2lb pudding or two – 1lb puddings […]

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Brewery Tour Concession Gift

Keeping the tax man happy!

In the Brewery Malt store there is a key board hanging up and people on a Tour will often ask, what are the keys for? Well, the answer is they are part of the Inland Revenue act of 1880. Although this Act came in 137 years ago, and has been superseded by later Acts, there […]

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Scaling Everest in Hooky – without Oxygen and frostbite!

At a Tour Guides meeting the other day we were discussing how many tours some Guides had undertaken. It appears at least two of them (Malcolm and Chris) had each done over a thousand.   This got me thinking, given we have a Tower Brewery I wonder how high they could have climbed during these […]

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Hook Norton Pubs in Verse

A story goes that in the 1930′s a vagrant called at the back door of the Sun Pub. “I have no money”, he said to the Landlord, and continued “but if I can come up with a poem mentioning all the Hook Norton pubs will you give me a free drink?” “O.K., you have a […]

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Grist to the Mill, or Grist from the Mill?

When taking groups on a tour of the Brewery and we reach the Malt store, I refer to our obtaining Malted Barley Grist from our Grist Mill. When hearing this people will often say ‘Surely the saying is Grist to the mill, not from the Mill?’ Actually, both sayings are correct. In a flour mill, […]

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Brewing 812

Having been a Hook Norton Brewery Tour guide for a number of years I had seen many brews in process but I now see things from a different perspective. This is because I recently had the pleasure of actually helping ‘hands-on’ to brew a Beer that was being brewed especially for a project I was […]

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Brewery Tour Gifts

Who shot the lights out?

Over the years the buildings of Hook Norton Brewery have been used for a number of things other than Brew related. It started with World War Two and soldiers being billeted in the Stables, and then with the threat of invasion the Malt House was earmarked as a food store. In later years the local […]

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Hop growing in North Oxfordshire?

When considering Hop growing areas in the UK we naturally think of Kent, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and maybe South Oxfordshire but not North of the county. What made me study this subject was the reference on an old 1800′s map of Banbury (above) to there being a ‘Hop garden’ showing on Salt Way. Here’s what […]

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